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How to copy a row in afDataObject

' Copy all items from the current row into an array
Dim vItems As Object = MyDataObject.CurrentRow.ItemArray

' Adds a new item to the dataobject

' Saves the PrimKey value from the newly added row
Dim vPrimKey As String = MyDataObject.CurrentRow("PrimKey").ToString()

' Moves all items to the new row
MyDataObject.CurrentRow.ItemArray = vItems

' Makes sure the PrimKey isn't duplicated and sets the stored PK reference
MyDataObject.CurrentRow("PrimKey") = vPrimKey

' For each column you don't want to include in the new row remove it by setting DBNull.Value
MyDataObject.CurrentRow("Updated") = DBNull.Value
MyDataObject.CurrentRow("UpdatedBy") = DBNull.Value
MyDataObject.CurrentRow("Created") = DBNull.Value
MyDataObject.CurrentRow("CreatedBy") = DBNull.Value

' Finally save the new row

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