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Guidelines for creating afDataObject in code

' It is recommended that you only create afDataObject instances
' through the Windows Forms designer. If you for some reason have to
' do it programatically, it is important that it is disposed correctly.
' Otherwise it will remain identifitely in memory and cause various
' performance issues in the client. Two ways to do this:

' 1. Add the data object to the form's components collection. This will
'    dispose it automatically when the form is closed (recommended):

Public Sub New()
    gDataObj = New afDataObject();
End Sub

' 2. Handle the .Disposed event of the enclosing form/control and dispose
'    the data object manually (not recommended):

Private Sub MyForm_OnDisposed(pSender As Object, pArgs As EventArgs) Handles Me.Disposed
    If gDataObj IsNot Nothing Then
    End If
End Sub

' If the instance is only used within the scope of a single function,
' always enclose it in a Using block like the following:

Using vDataObj As New afDataObject()
    ' Insert code here...
End Using

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