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How to get data using afAccessLayer and afRecordSource

Import Appframe3.Common.Data							

'Table to retrieve data from
Dim vRs As New afRecordSource("atbv_LessonsLearned_LessonCategory")		

'Columns of interest
vRs.SelectColumns.AddRange(New String() {"Category", "Lesson"})	

vRs.Whereclause="Lesson like '%learned%'"			

'Result is returned as datatable
Dim vLessonCategories as DataTable = afAccessLayer.GetData(rs)			

win · Perma link post comment Posted by: Torbjørn Mevik (08-jul-2013)

Karl Stroud :
Pretty sure it's "Imports Appframe3.Common.Data" with an (s). (05-jun-2017)
Andrew Wooding :
This would be a lot easier to find if mentioned the word "filter". Hopefully my comment here will make it easier for the next person. (25-jun-2019)