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Web-Templating: data-field, data-attr, src, href, crop , null-image, ratio, file upload

<!-- Simple bound form-->
<div data-object-id="dsPersons">
    <h4 data-field="Name"></h4>
	<input type="text" data-field="Address"></input>	
	<button data-action="save" class="btn btn-default">Save</button>
	<button data-action="cancel" class="btn btn-default">Save</button>

<!-- Binding image to img
	 - data-attr="src:url"
	 - data-null-image: will use this image when data is null
<img class="img-responsive thumbnail pull-left" 

<!-- Binding url anchor
	 - data-attr="href:url"
<img class="img-responsive thumbnail pull-left" 
	 data-attr="href:/file/db/info/dsKommentarer/Bilde/<%=PrimKey%>/<%=Bilde%>?height=35" >

<!-- Binding crop with save
	data-crop: enables crop for img. If empty, filestore will be used. If not the value should be varbinary field from table.
	data-ratio: sets the crop ratio (width/height)
<img data-object-id="dsPerson" 
		data-null-image="/static/graphics/camera-icon.svg" >

<!-- Binding fileuploader: Provides drag & drop and fileupload
     - data-object-id
	 - data-upload
<div data-upload class="file-upload-control col-xs-12" data-object-id="dsFiler" id="arkivUploader">
	<!-- put your markup here -->

<!--Upload link to trigger filechooser-->
<a href="#" class="pull-right text-muted" data-upload-target="arkivUploader">velg fil(er) for opplast...</a>

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