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Build service Entry Point definition

Win Project (Usually in MSBuild namespace) that must contain settings.xml so Login builder can actually construct archive to be sent to build service. settings.xml contains vital 3 things:

  1. BuildScript name attribute - points to a MSBuild file that should be called first.

  2. dependencies - define additional content to be sent to build service. DatabaseProject can be child nodes of dependencies node. DatabaseProject node's attribute type directly maps to Appframe.ProjectHandling.eFileProjectType. Including projects to dependencies will include them in archive to be sent to build service

  3. OutputDir - determines relative path to be archived and sent back.

settings.xml example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <BuildScript name ="build.proj" />
  <OutputDir name ="Output" />
    <DatabaseProject name ="Sys.WinClient.login" type="Application" />
    <DatabaseProject name ="Sys.MSBuild.LoginClickOnce" type="Application" />
    <DatabaseProject name ="Sys.MSBuild.Targets" type="Library" />

When constructing entry point archive, folder structure will be preserved (will mirror your source control folder structure, see image below). And DevelopmentRuntime will always be included. EntryPointConfig.xml will always be included as it defines what needs to be done on build service side.

entry point content

    Entry Point archive structure

After defining settings.xml it is all up to your build.proj MSBuild script to reach your goal.

Notable MSBuild projects:

  • Sys.MSBuild.LoginMSI (to build your MSI's)
  • Sys.MSBuild.LoginClickOnce (to build your ClickOnce's)
  • Sys.MSBuild.Example.CustomLoginClickOnce (example project to author custom ClickOnce)
  • Sys.MSBuild.LoginApp (Builds your Sys.WinClient.login and inserts new version of App.WinClient.login)
  • Sys.MSBuild.CoreClickOnce (Builds your core ClickOnce Launcher)

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